Как скачать обложку видео с Youtube

How to download a cover video from Youtube

How often have you wondered if I liked the preview of a youtube video how to download the cover of your favorite video from Youtube? To make it easy and simple, without forced registration and unnecessary movements? Because often youtube previews/video covers are of very high quality. I’ll tell you the answer – our service All by Video allows you to download a YouTube video cover in just 3 clicks.

To do this you need to do:

  • Go to www.youtube.com
  • Find a video you’re interested in
  • Copy URL in Youtube
  • Paste copied URL in the form below
  • Press About video button

After processing your link you will see the result. It consists of several cover/preview sizes that you can download to your computer or phone.

What size cover can be downloaded

Youtube video cover size:

  • Main cover size – 1280×720 px
  • Cover size – 640×480 px
  • Cover size – 480×360 px
  • Cover with size – 320×180 px

Choose the size you need from 4 proposed and press download. Downloaded file is saved in JPEG (.jpg) format which is one of the most popular and popular formats.

How to make your Youtube video popular

To attract a large audience of viewers which will lead to a large number of subscribers to your Youtube channel and thus give you a good monetization and fame on the web. If you think you need only quality video content on Youtube, you’re right in part, as they say, you meet a man by his clothes and see him by his brains. It’s the same way we can rephrase our task – They click on the cover! )))), and subscribe to the channel for quality and interesting content.

The cover of a Youtube video has its own task:

  • To hook the surfer on Youtube
  • Talk about the topic of the video
  • Evoke an emotion.

Often, as I wrote earlier, video creators make their covers spectacular.
Where to apply the preview of the Youtube video – it’s all in your hands, the flight of fancy is unlimited. I often use youtube video covers as a screen saver on a personal computer, tablet or phone, it is also possible to add your own changes to the covers youtube and get the effect you want. If you have your own options write in the comments
Good luck!

All by Video

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